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Nan Yang Gemological Institute (NGI) has moved to 14 Scotts Road, #03-80, Far East Plaza, Singapore228213. (Next to Haytt Hotel & Goodwood Park Hotel). Our contact number remains the same 6333 6238. Thank you very much for your continued support.



Fused-powder jadeites

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Synthetic Jadeite

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X-ray Gold Anayzer

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Drilled-hole, Bismuth Glass Filled Ruby

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Drilled-hole, Silicon-filled Ruby

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The new Presidium Gem Computer Gauge estimates the weight of 130 varieties of gemstones with different shapes with great precision and consistency. Price: S$480

Research Papers

Colored and Genetic Attributes of Chocolate Pearl

The preliminary research on the chemical composition Raman spectrumreflectance spectrum surface micro-characteristics and the genetic attributes of more

Beryllium-Diffused Treatment Blue Sapphires with Blue Body Colour

A type of beryllium-diffused treatment sapphire with blue or light blue body color has recently appeared on gem markets. The chemical composition, Raman spectrum and the more

Lead-Rich Glass Substance in Filled Treated Rubies

The latest developed lead-rich glass-filled rubies, which have recently appeared on gem markets, are researched. By using routine analysis together with advanced lab analysis techniques such as... read more

Gemmological Characteristics and Diffusion Mechanism of Disffusion-treated Synthetic Sapphire

A new type of synthetic sapphires with diffusion treatment has recently appeared on gem markets, which is treated from the flame fusion synthetic colorless sapphires by the diffusion with the compound of iron.... read more

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Diamond and Colour Gemstones Charts

Check out our latest published diamond and colour gemstones charts (A2 size) and gemstones chart (A1 size).

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