XRA1100 Gold Analyzer

XRA1100 Analyzer is a procision insturument to provide quantitative assessment of rare and precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

The XRA1100 operates based on the principle of X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis technology, is a most ideal instrument for assessing precious metal and jeweley. Fast and simple, but yet accurate assessment can be performed without any sampling requirement. The test is completely non-destructive. No chemical treatment is required for sample preparation.

The XRA1100 can analyze jewelery without sampling process, and determine individual precise precious metal content as a percentage within 10 seconds to 3 minutes (dependant on elements to be analyzed).

The XRA1100 can anlyze numerous kinds of precious metal (e.g. gold , platinm, white gold, K gold and silver etc). The installation and operation of the XRA1100 are simple and on special training is required for operation.

The XRA1100 utilizes EleAnaly software based on Windows 2000/ XP operating system. The EleAnaly software also has other excellent functions besides basic analysis, calculation and reporting, for instance, in the comparison of artworks.

Nan Yang Gemological Institute (NGI) is the distributor for the XRA1100 Analyzer in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. For enquiries, pleasee contact (65) 63336238.