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  • Colouration and Genetic Attribute of Chocolate Pearl

  • Beryllium-Diffused Treatment Blue Sapphires with Blue Body Colour

  • Gemmological Characteristics and Diffusion Mechanism of Disffusion-treated Synthetic Sapphire

  • Lead-Rich Glass Substance in Filled Treated Rubies

  • Formation of Vortex Dendrite Crystal on Yellow Sapphire Crystal under Hydrothermal Condition

  • The Sheared Mechanism of Spiral and Vortex Dislocation on Beryl Crystal








    Authored by our prof. C. G. Zeng in colloboration with Zhou ZuYi and Liao ZongTing of tongji university

    Diamond and Diamond Appraisal is a book .....

      Diamond & Diamond Appraisal        

    Highly informative article by our gemologist Leon lek on the lastest enhancement and treatment method and how Heating, Colour Dyeing, Diffusion, Beryllium Diffusion enchances the gems and jades.

    *Published in solitairePro May, June 2005 (page 42 - 45)

      Detecting enhancement and treatment article by leon