Objective: At the end of the training course, participants will be able to present jewelry design ideas quickly and accurately to their target audiences, using pencil rendering and colour illustration.


  • Introduction to the basic geometrical forms, different types of jewellery, and basic jewellery designs elements.
  • Understanding perspective contribution, basic fundamentals of sketching, pencil techniques and 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional geometrical shapes.
  • Understand different kinds of jewellery settings.
  • Understanding the relationship between gemstone and the jewellery sketches.
  • Techniques in rendering bangle and bracelets.
  • Techniques in rendering symmetrical/asymmetrical rings, earrings, pendants and brooches.
  • Techniques in rendering necklaces, chokers, jewellery sets and coloring.
  • Illustration in color and latest jewellery trends.
  • How to avoid jewellery problems during take-in from customers.

Duration : 20 hours. (8 sessions)

Course fee : S$600.00 (course materials provided)

Language : English