At the end of the training program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Prepare for work activities relating to jadeite identification
  2. Identify jadeite treatment and classify jadeite type
  3. Separate natural jadeite from its simulants


  • Introduction to the history and definition of jadeite and nephrite, and their properties.
  • Learn the classification of jadeite into their commercial grades by their colour and transparency.
  • Practice the operation of handheld loupe, microscope, refractometer, spectroscope, polariscope, ultra-violet lamp and S.G. measuring etc.
  • Understand the different types of natural, treated and dyed jadeite and the treatment processes of making B jadeite.
  • Using instruments to test and separate the various types of treated jadeite (Type A, B, C, B+C, doublet and coating), and common jadeite simulants, including quartzite, chrysoprase, aventurine quartz, serpentine, hydrogrossular garnet, Dushan jade, albite, prehnite, idocrase, maw-sit-sit, fused-powder jadeite and glass.
  • Introduction to synthetic jadeite and their identification.
  • Emphasis on the ten-power handheld loupe to identify different types of jadeite and jadeite simulants.
  • Introduction to the application of advanced instruments, such as infrared spectrometer (FTIR) and cathodoluminescence in identifying jadeites.
  • Intensive practical sessions.

Duration : 25 hours. (10 sessions).

Course fee : S$1000.00

Prerequisites: basic language literacy and reasonably good eye sight.